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Commercial Cleaning Services


Let OpExcellence Facility Services deliver the cleanand professional look that your business requires and deserves!  We provide commercial cleaning services to avariety of businesses, ranging from retail department stores, private andgovernment office buildings, medical centers, car dealer showrooms and more.Let us help you experience cleaning operational excellence that is tailored toyour organization’s unique needs. This will enable your business or agency tofocus on its primary mission. Contact us today to discuss how we can assistyour firm.    

We Provide Business Cleaning Services For 

    • Retail Stores and Car Dealerships: First impressions are extremely important in a retail store or a car dealership’s showroom. OpExcellence Facility Services takes great pride in ensuring the space is clean and presentable so your customers clearly see the quality of your brand.
    • Banks and Other Professional Buildings: Clean windows, clean floors, and dust free surfaces in lobbies and entrance ways make professional buildings look the part.
    • Private Business and Government Office Buildings: Keeping an office environment clean helps keep workers healthy and productive. Since each business is different, we will customize the cleaning to your needs, whether you have conference rooms for client use, large windows, or employee cubicles.
    • Restaurants: The cleanliness of any restaurant is essential to its success. From the dining room area, to the kitchen, the restrooms and everything in between, OpExcellence Facility Services is committed to keeping the space looking and smelling clean for your patrons.
    • Schools and Daycare Facilities: A clean environment helps promote the learning experience. There are thousands of germs that live at schools and daycares. Let OpExcellence Facility Services ensure the facility is kept clean, which in turn will help keep the students and staff healthier and safer.
    • Medical Care and Senior-Living Facilities: The risks of contracting infections and/or creating medical complications demand the utmost focus on cleanliness in medical care and senior-living facilities. Let OpExcellence Facilities Services’ specialized experience in the unique cleaning needs medical care environments help your organization keep its patients, residents, staff, and visitors’ healthy and safe.

Commercial Cleaning Services

    • Trashremoval
    • Hardfloor surface maintenance and cleaning
    • Vacuumingand carpet care
    • Kitchenand breakroom cleaning
    • Generaldusting
    • Restroomcleaning and maintenance
    • Officesystem cleaning
    • Cleaningof lobbies, foyers, and entrances
    • Windowcleaning
    • Specializedcleaning needs as determined by client  

OpExcellence Facility Services will work with you to set up a cleaning schedule that works for your facility, whether it's overnight cleaning or cleaning during the day. Daily, weekly, or even monthly schedules are available. We can also take care of ordering and supplying needed equipment, cleaning supplies, and consumables on your behalf. Make sure your work environment is clean so you can provide a healthy workspace for employees and a spotless environment for customers and clients. Contact us today for a free cleaning consultation and service quote.

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